Sunday, June 12, 2011

Will There Be Justice For Caylee?

If your like Me, you have been following the Caylee Anthony Case.  For some reason, I have just been glued to the TV. I plan my days activities around their lunch breaks. Yes, call me crazy, but I find extremely facinating to learn about all the behind closed doors activities that go on. I am really impressed by everything they have to remember, rectify and ultimately regurgitate it back to either the Jury or the Judge.

Below if you read through , you will see where Special Agent Nick Savage of the FBI ordered DNA tests done on Lee Anthony to see if there was a possibility He could be Caylee's Father

I do know that our Laws state that a person is innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. I do NOT feel that the State did a good enough job to find Her guilty of first degree Murder. There were just too many holes in their theorys.  Was it chlorophorm , or duct tape that killed her? I would hope That Mr Ashtun was close by suggesting the Chlorophorm was used prior to Caylees probable suffocation.
As I look through these various photos, I can't help but think of what She must have gone through. 

This news footage shows a jumbled shot of the infamous video of the smiling Caylee & Casey. that leads into the skeletal remains, with the duct tape super imposed over the top. Also  included in this video are the skeletal remains of Caylee Marie Anthony. Here are some of the Photos that made it out of the Courtroom, I am not quite sure how though?