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Want to get a Jump on your Halloween Costume?
Now is the time, they are still on sale. I am sure they won't have them on Sale when it gets closer to Halloween. You will have a better chance at availability. Do not wait till all the good ones are gone.  Even , if  you are just wanting to get some ideas, there are thousands of things to check out here at HalloweenAndCostumes.Com
Pink Poodle Infant-Toddler CostumeSexy Plus Size Costumes 2011 from Free shipping to the USA.Lil Monster Baby Costume
Lil Froggy Baby CostumeThis Lil Piggy Baby CostumeTangled - Rapunzel Lame Deluxe Toddler / Child Costume

So now that you have some awesome costumes, time to have a Party!! I found this place Century Novelty, to be pretty much just like the Party Store We have by the house. The pitfall is it has to be shipped, but the prices are actuqlly better, so it makes up for it. If I can shop from home, I like it even thst much better..
A coupon code makes it even nicer.. lol
$6 Off Coupon from Century Novelty when you sign up for their newsletter. Click here!

Pirate, Luau, Casino night party supplies 2

    My Husband and I have these Android Phones, and absolutley love them. We did have a few issues with Angry Birds freezing up on the screen. One time the screen went crazy trying to even touch it, the screen dissapears. Some instances, just removing the battery fixed the problem. On the other instance, Turning it off , removing the battery, letting it load back up. Once complete, go to the settings screen, then to the SD Card section. Click the unmount SD card, then click it to re-mount it. This seemed to fix most issues. I do need to see if I can get a larger Memory card. With so many outstanding Aps available, it's easily filled. Especially when you have two places to get Free Aps from. One is of course The Market that comes pre-installed on the Phone. The second one is through Amazon, called Appstore. It's new, but has grown by leaps and bounds. Between the two, you be able to find just about any application you want. You can get to the download from the link below. They have this preview feature that simulates each app on the computer before you download it. Saves a lot of wasted time preventing downloading unwanted apps.

My Husband and I quit smoking on March 17. Depending on when your reading this, well it is still a long time. We attribute it to us using the Electric Cigarette.
Nelson, @Wasatchvapor is great to work with. Not only is shipping Free, it is lightning fast too! Prices are some of the best on the Web. Tell them, Cherie sent you..

Schwag (Tees, caps, mugs, etc) Image

<Woman's Oktoberfest Costumebr />
Exotic Meats and Game from Fossil Farms

ProVape Electronic Cigarettes
I have used for a number of orders. I have tons of fun with them because the deals only last a minimum amount of time because they sell out so fast. The most they will last though is 24 hours because the deals change everyday at 12 noon. You also can refer friends and get a free $5.00 credit, just I am now. Then if you sign up, you can do the same thing. Some of the things I have gotten games, dresses, and my favorite was shoes. Then came delivered in a very sturdy shoe-box, each wrapped in it's own tissue paper with a plastic sizer bar in each shoe! I have not been disappointed yet! You wont either-. The only downside is that the deals sell out so quick.

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