Friday, November 4, 2011

Sumter County Beef and Boogie Festival, Nov. 4-5, Webster, Florida

Sumter County Beef and Boogie Festival, Nov. 4-5, Webster, Florida:

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  1. I am assuming this is Sherry Corey. My dear, you are so far from the truth when it comes to OBO Opry. It is only because you do not know the truth about Earl and Estelle and the place. Nothing against you. My dear, Earl and Estelle went out there way to hurt me. Ousted me for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, when all I wanted to do was jam there for free. David Potter and many others were treated the same way. OUSTED. If they have a bad hair day and don't like you? LOOK OUT! Buddy Davis use to be my friend and band member. Since he is leader, job went to his head. BIG EGO that needs to be cut down. The place is a no where place, and tho I have no ills for the place. You'd NEVER see me there supporting that place or that band. I have no issues with anyone else in band but Buddy, cause he went out his way to hurt me and David and I'm sure others. Earl set me up for an arrest as he invited me over to talk, then called the cops on me. Is that what you call decent homestyle folks? How about homestyle back stabbers? I'm glad you like that place, but it does nothing for me. And never will. I look forward to the day the doors close, and believe me I am not alone. Sad place. Want to go to a real Opry? Go to Florida Sunshine Opry in Eustis! Now there, they treat you RIGHT, they treat you FAIR, JUST, and LIKE FAMILY! All I wanted to do was give my FREE TIME and talents to that God for saken place! Those people there don't deserve that place and the ONLY REASON they are still in business is because of the villages! God Bless!

  2. Dear Hurt and Angry, As I had only been there the one time, I had no idea of the politics that was occurring. From reading your post , I can certainly see why you would be steamed. If I was treated that way, I would probably feel the same way also. On that one time, it appeared to be a close knit atmosphere with everyone there. We are located much closer to the Sunshine Opry, and look forward to visiting there sometime soon. Hopefully we will be able to come at a time when you re performing? I would love to see you perform. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with myself and my readers. I pray you are able to put such negativity aside and not let it interfere with you sharing your God given talents with those who appreciate it.
    Merry Christmas and God Bless.


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