About Me

Getting older Stinks
My reason I know that my youth is spent
My get-up-n-go just got up and went
But I really don't mind when I think with a grin
Of all the cool places my get-up has been.

About me,
 Well my business started as a hobby after I was found to have Multiple Sclerosis and put on disability. I went from a job that worked with an auto manufacturer that labeled me as one of the top in the state of Florida at what I did, to the bottom to what like  a flop. This was their Fivestar Customer Service program. I  would work with one main group of dealerships and help  them to either, acquire or maintain their Fivestar status. I would, on occasion, even work with Chrysler at training Fivestar Coordinators at other Dealerships.
Then, the MS monster hit me, and hit me hard. It wasn’t long before my time had come to train my replacement. Talk about tough!! Then, a now ex hubby who decided he couldn’t handle me having MS,or the fact that I no longer brought in a paycheck, went back to his ex, who had become one of my best friends. That was not a good time for me at all! I eventually met my current Husband, Frank,  off of Yahoo personals, yes it does work!! LOL We have been married almost 5 glorious years now. He couldn’t be more perfect for me if I had built him with my own two hands. He accepted me as I was with all my flaws. I thought that would never had happened. Not only did I have children, I had Multiple Sclerosis, who would want to be with someone like that?  Oh yea, talking about having a chip on my shoulder, that was me. But heck, I had the right to with I had just gone through, or at least so I thought.  It took quite a while for me to get rid of what Frank calls, Stinkin Thinkin. That mind over matter stuff is so true in my opinion.  I was buried in a hole with the thought of I don’t mind, so I must not matter either. I went on anti – depressant medications. It took time to find the right combination of what worked for me and stuck with it. Keep in mind two important factors. One, it is not a crime or sinful to get help through medication. Nor are you a failure by having to use this. It happens. It can be from so many things such as a chemical imbalance, to chronic illness. Another thing  very  very important to remember, You must NEVER just STOP taking your anti depression medications as this can cause terrible side effects.  So a balance of finally getting the right dosage of medications and the right balance of having a supportive home life, I finally feel like I belong on this planet and not floating out in space somewhere.
 So now with  me not working money was really tight. No matter what most people say, you almost have to have two incomes coming in this day and age. I USED to be a huge fan of Y***ee Candles, and had them going constantly, but they got so dog gone expensive. I swear they must think they are made of Gold or something. Then through a message board I learned about the wonderful world of tarts. I loved them, they had great smells, could change them often, and in my price range. BUT, I am super picky!! I had a few problems with some less than  satisfactory ones that I had purchased off from the internet. I WANT LOTS OF SMELL.. LOL  So I began dabbling at making them myself. They weren’t so great at first. Then I got them to where they smelled good, but looked funny.. LOL But I wanted better. I was my own worse critic. Eventually, I was beginning to really liked what I made, and began sharing them with my friends and family. They started going nuts!! This is when I got the nick name, the “Tart Pimp” .  This would be because I would have friends call saying they needed tarts, or that they were running low and did not Dare to run out, or even  calling the house and asking if I would I meet them to deliver them some or could they come right over to smell which ones I had made up…  Every time it would happen, which gradually seemed to be more and more frequent, i began recognizing the similarities of myself and a Drug Dealer..Of course I was one of those that broke my own rules by being my own best customer.  I then decided to venture into my own little .. business.Once I had acheived the tart making skill, I wanted to master a few other Handcrafted items.  There is now homemade soap, made the old fashioned way.  I absolutely love making it. I’m spoiled as are the rest of my family and will  never go back to buying store brand soap again with all those detergents and additives.  I hate it when  your skin feels so tight when you get out of the shower that you have to immediately portray a Silence of the Lambs Movie scene by saying “It must rub the lotion on it’s skin” ! So again, I continued to experiment with making various lotions and creams. Even spray to take care of some of the aches n pains from my MS. I grow many of my own herbs in my very own little Garden. Yes, this is another form of therapy for me.  Learning about how herbs can do some pretty cool stuff, along with just the fact of planting something in the ground and watching it grow.  Many times I have found myself either pulling weeds, walking around to see if there were any new babies growing, or just looking for 4- leaf clovers mixed up in the clover patches. I don’t pull all of them up, I Love looking for four leaf clovers.
Now I know I will never make the Fortune 500, nor do I care to. But just doing this gives me the pride back that was taken away from me with the MS. It just is so nice to hear when people enjoy the products I make. It just makes me feel good about myself once again..Thank for taking the time  reading and learning a lil About Me 
I have also  just recently learned I now having Cushings Disease along with Multiple Sclerosis. This was indeed something that could have been prevented. But through the over use of  a potentially dangerous drug, Steroids, I now deal with the symptoms of Cushings Syndrome. If you  have or know of anyone with Multiple Sclerosis, or any other Chronic Illness that is being treated with an abundance of Steroids, please take a little time to read about it  in my next section,  . coming soon, or start searching about it for yourself.
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