Sunday, August 14, 2011

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I Wasn't Kidding When I Said We Loved Our Coffee

I was not kidding when I said My Husband and I were coffee fanatics. I just decided for kicks n grins to bring down all the coffee containers out of the cabinet and there were 15 different ones.  From Boca Java, Javatime, Seattle's Best, (We LOVE Seattles Best, reminds us of our one and only Cruise), a few varieties of  Senseo, various Pods to some good ole Cuban Coffee Cafe Noir. 
Of course, you need a variety of  Brewing Systems.  We have a few different coffee making systems. We have the regular drip Pot, The Senseo, The Keurig, a couple of different Espresso Machines, and a little pink Cuban or Italian kind that you cook with on the stove. There are quite a few others out there we want to try. One is a French Press style. I have no idea how they work, but like I said, We are always looking for that perfect cup of coffee.
We are Members of Boca Villa. We use their mail delivery service and have been for quite a while now.  Especially since we are very picky about our coffees. But, pricing has now gone up to around $7.50 a bag, plus shipping.  Now this Coffee is amazing and an extra perk they give their customers, You can choose between two flavor offerings of what they call their Baby Bocas. You never know what they are offering until you log in to your account. This is how we discovered we loved the Bananas Foster flavored coffee. It is so much better than We thought it would be. In fact, have purchased quite a few bags since we first tried it.
I have been wondering about trying some other options though as far as Coffee Services go. The only other one I am familiar with is Gevalia. I may give them a try as well? Do any of you use a Coffee Delivery Service? Please leave me a comment and let me know.  With the quality Coffees We have tried lately, it probably is much cheaper just to cancel all together. I guess that is considered a Perk. Kind of like going to get a Pedicure or Manicure.  These are things you like, but only treat yourself every so often.
CBS1031 Cafejo Columbian Coffee Pods 72-Pack With Sweet Caramel OvertonesI recently found these Pods. You get 72 of them for $27.99, and as far as Pods go, that is a pretty good deal. The Cafejo CBS1031 Colombian coffee pod 72-pack contains 72 servings of perfectly portioned medium roasted coffee! Unlike lesser brands, Cafejo uses only fresh ground coffee beans, and certainly nothing instant, freeze-dried, or spray dried. Each pod is individually wrapped in a nitrogen environment to guarantee freshness. These executive-class gourmet coffees are a fantastic way to begin the day or as a friendly pick-up during the afternoon hours!Medium RoastThis special Colombian blend has a lightly sweet caramel flavor that is balanced and full-bodied. You'll love the clean, mellow finish and be back for more!Quality CoffeeEach Cafejo CBS1031 Colombian coffee pod contains over 9 grams of genuine Arabica coffee, not the lower-grade Robusta blends other companies use. Experience quality you can taste!Versatility Enjoy a versatile selection of coffees and teas with Cafejo's pods! These little coffee pads work with most brand named coffee pod brewers, such as Krups, Bunn, De Longhi, and many others! Great ValueIt only takes a single pod to produce a perfectly solid 8-ounce cup of coffee! Compare the cost of a single coffee house cup and Cafejo CBS1031 Colombian coffee pod 72-pack

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