Friday, August 12, 2011


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Coffee, Coffee, Everywhere Which One Do You Drink?

Coffee dot com please
Coffee dot com please

Do you have a favorite brand of coffee?  Is it Dunkin Doughnuts, Starbuck’s, Seattle’s best, Gevalia, Boca Java, or McDonalds?? The list goes on and on. For some reason, everywhere  I look today, I am reminded of things to do with Coffee. I’m not sure why, but Ive seen contests,polls, lots of references to coffee. So why should I be any different? Well, I can’t help but be different, just because I am, but I suppose I am alike as well.  Wow, in just the few minutes of sitting here and writing this, I have seen two references on Tv for coffee. One is the new McDonalds McMocha, Mc Cafe or something or other.  I will say , I have tried one of these new coffee drinks and it was very good. It had had that nice strong taste that my Husband and I prefer. It was a little higher than I expected to pay, but in comparison to the Coffee  Geru, Starbucks, it was about .50 cents cheaper. Being it was at Mcdonalds, I just assumed it was going to be a lower price, but it seems that they are being the marketing genius they are by making these coffee drinks the reason people go there, rather than just a “side” item. I guess you could say a destination coffee run. As long as they stay consistent with the strong flavors and good quality, and good service, they will have a shot at doing it, in my opinion. For instance, how many of us have gone to say 5 different McDonalds and gotten 5 different experiences? For someone who is supposed to be so focused on their Cookie Cutter type of franchise training, there is  a great deal of differences involved. I’m sure many of you feel like we do by saying, “Oh that McDonalds, on so n so street, I never go to that one! I will drive over to the one on Main street before I will go there!” You know what I mean. Either they never get your order right, or have rude workers, or the food is cold. So if they can keep their new Premium Coffees consistent, I think they will do pretty good because they are so easily accessible.

Why do you suppose there is this big Coffee frenzy going on? I think it is all stemming around from the economy once again. Last year we heard Starbucks was going to close approximately 600 stores. This was right around the time when gas prices were close to $4.00 a gallon.  People felt guilty for spending the same amount on a cup of coffee that they would on a gallon of gas.  As gas prices are creeping up again, for some reason, we Americans don’t feel so guilty getting our coffee fix at McDonald’s rather than the stereo-typed Starbucks.

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